You are "The Moon Pilot", and you must drive the planet's natural satellite to drive off evil aliens invaders. How to play: - Control You can choose between multiple control styles. Choose sideway control or circular control, and play with a controller stick, mouse or keyboard. And you can also play with the touchscreen if your device supports it. - Objective Kill enemies before they hit your shield. Get the health pack powerups to restore your shield. Get the highest score possible!

Note: this Game was developed in just 2 days during the Global Game Jam 2017 (Theme: "Waves")

If people like it, we may continue this project and implement new features like:

  • More enemy movement patterns;
  • New enemy types;
  • Local multiplayer;
  • New mechanics;
  • New power-ups;
  • Other stuff (possibly suggested/requested features).

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Thanks xD

We appreciate that you liked our jam.

Besides, I am (just me, not the whole team) currently working on another mobile game (which has nothing to do with this one), and I hope releasing it soon. :D